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Whether designing a new bathroom or renovating an existing one, the physical labor, costs and constant headaches of having to make decisions can take a toll. No matter the amount of ambition, it is likely to be an overwhelming, tiresome and bereft experience. The article intends to cover the steps involved in bathroom design, renovation, and provide useful information for those wanting to undergo the bathroom renovation process.


The position of the bathroom within the home is a decision that requires serious thinking. When commencing any bathroom renovations, factors such as plumbing can have a significant impact on any possible bathroom design. If undergoing bathroom renovations and find that the current pipes are obsolete and need a replacement, this will require extra time and extra money as well. Knowing exactly how much space is necessary to be designated and for how many persons may use the bathroom, will save a lot of headaches later in the bathroom design process.

As things such as wall cavities, shelving, and whether to have the floor or an inbuilt wall cistern will all need severe consideration when allocating the floor space. Things such as indeed designed shower stalls, stall doors that open out from the shower area into the bathroom will take up additional space. That kind of detail must be included in the consideration during the bathroom renovation.


Typically, designing and renovating the bathroom can be a lengthy process. Just the actual designing and layout process can last anything from two to four weeks depending on the design complexity. If renovating an existing bathroom, before beginning with the bathroom renovation, you should be sure that all demolition works for removing the previous bathroom parts are complete.

Conditional on the number of fixtures, wall mounted lights, plumbing, the demolition procedure will generally take up to a few days. After that, the bathroom construction process will start. It will usually be the relatively fast stage of the bathroom design, and bathroom renovation. As all the groundwork accomplished, the bathroom is ready to accommodate any chosen structures. Once the bathroom constructed to completion, cleaning must be provided to clean out the area from any messes that sustained during the entire bathroom renovation and the construction processes.


Having a rough timeline and budget in place often positively influences the bathroom design and bathroom renovation services providers as any laborers currently contracted will have specifics of how much work is expected each day to keep the bathroom renovation process within its dedicated timeline and budget. Hidden costs can be incurred quite quickly during bathroom renovation services.

Things such as walls that unpredictably not strong enough for a newly in-built wall shelf, any pipes that are rusty, just old, etc. are things that could occur and must consider when planning a bathroom renovation services. One should keep contingency funds as an emergency back-up for any incidents or bumps that occur during the bathroom renovation process. That will safeguard from the bathroom renovation project stoppage due to not having sufficient funds to continue the bathroom design and renovation process.

Having the windows in the bathroom can not only save money on future costs on electricity, but it also keeps the bathroom always light and airy rather than dark and damp. As the bathroom is a space that is continuously in contact with humidity, so adding an issue such as dampness can lead to problems such as black mold, which is a consequence that can not only have adverse health benefits but is also difficult and expensive to remove once it has spawned.


When bathroom design or bathroom renovation services are actual, then it is essential to understand the procedures that are involved. Beginning any structural project before receiving the proper approval can have a substantial adverse impact not only on the purse-strings from having to remove any improvement that was commenced before the filing of the appropriate paperwork, but also diminishes the effect of having a new bathroom.

Knowing the exact bathroom renovation project tasks will significantly help in the process of hiring laborers as that especially needed for the job cost estimations.

Hiring a builder to begin bathroom renovation will generally ensure that all relevant practices and procedures are fully compliant and up-to-date with any city or state regulations. Not only having a builder means that the bathroom is designed appropriately for the intended space, but it ensures guaranteed work by certified persons. Probably, you will need a plumber for any job related to the bathroom installations.

You will also need an electrician. Depending on the number of light fixtures and power points required in the bathroom, the prices of an electrician work cannot go underestimated as the electricians need certification and professional qualification. Undertaking the service of bathroom renovations without the use of a competent builder, plumber and electrician can lead to significant structural, plumbing and electrical issues not only initially but in the long-term as well. These issues will not only be financially costly, but they will delay the bathroom renovation completion schedule and can cause the whole bathroom renovation process to a standstill.


Most shower drains are generally 40mm in size, but the cost difference between that size drain and the larger size drains is relatively minor. Incorporating a larger size drain in the bathroom renovation will help prevent clogging that can damage pipes and potentially cause overflows. Inbuilt wall cistern can be the risk factor because the inbuild piping can cause problems further but, note, change from the in-built wall cistern to the regular floor cistern system will require a complete rework of the piping that initially laid during the bathroom renovation.

When configuring the piping layout, all present and future issues must be accounted such as having pipes on an exterior wall can lead to the problem of having frozen pipes in cold weather. That not only damages the pipelines in the wall but also means that the water supply in the bathroom will be shut off. If there are children in the family, mounting heights and location in the bathroom for fixtures such as medicine cabinets, vanity, shelving, etc. also need to be well thought out.


Things can change quickly at any point in the future, so consider everything advisedly, because no one wants to redo the whole process of bathroom designing and bathroom renovation soon after completion. During the process of bathroom design and bathroom renovation, you should be ready for allocations of any future situations that could occur such as potential family growth, etc. Designing the bathroom for children and pets can come up with problems of its own.

Designing an entire bathroom with the clear thoughts that it is only being made for three persons when it may have to deal with more or any pets at some point in the future, can undo the hard work from the original bathroom design. It could make bathroom renovations that have completed recently pointless. Make sure that the bathroom design can withstand any uncertainties that may arise from any different situation to prevent additional financial expenses for bathroom design and bathroom renovation services in the future.


Bathroom Installation

Bathroom installation is one of the most significant investments in a home as a bathroom is much more than just a space to freshen up. The first step is to decide on the bathroom design: your local supplier possibly can create a computer-generated layout based on the dimensions of the bathroom and the specific materials needed for the correct bathroom installation. They can also recommend bathroom fitting services if they don’t offer these themselves. If you fit the bathroom yourself, follow the same pattern, carefully measure your bathroom, before buying bathroom installation products to see if the new items will fit. Altering plumbing or wiring increases the cost of bathroom installation, if possible, respect existing service points but this may restrict your bathroom design options.


First, decide on the right place for your bathroom installation, the previous position may dictate this, but more flexibility exists with a new building. One can approach many bathroom design options, but a simple choice is to position the toilet first and set the sink appropriately before moving onto baths. Even if you do not plan for a Jacuzzi or indoor hot tub for high-class bathroom design, bathtubs are available in all shapes and sizes; roll-top, standard oblong, curve, corner, with one end wider than the other, and in many colors. Seek advice from bathroom fitting services about what option is best for your bathroom design. Where possible use white fittings, unless you particularly desire another color, white is innocuous and non-offensive so often the preferred bathroom design.

Taps come in a bewildering variety of styles, so it’s easy for you to choose some faucets that complement your bathroom design, make sure they will function correctly with sinks or bathes. Before you make your decision about the bathroom design, it is helpful to check your plans with your bathroom fitting services to see if there are any potential disadvantages with the models you have chosen or indeed if there are alternatives you hadn’t considered for your bathroom installation.

Showers are fitted over the bath or in a standalone cubicle and are a significant feature in the bathroom design. One should take care to install the correct type of bathroom installation for high-pressure water opt for a hot shower that uses water directly from the heating system. And electric shower system heats the water itself, but the temperature can fluctuate with drops in pressure. The hydro massage showers give you the best showering experience, even when your water pressure is low. Each type will come with a look that will complement every bathroom design.

Check with bathroom fitting services whether the drainage system can handle the water flow produced by your bathroom installation, redesign at this stage is less costly than after fitting.


When it comes to decorating, using a mortar that resists steam and water is very important and will ensure your bathroom installation looks good for a more extended period. In the same way choose paint and wallpaper that is specifically for bathroom design and in a complementary color. Maximize natural light, a large mirror, especially the wall opposite the window, will help to make the bathroom much lighter and seen larger.

To complement, the bathroom design, some storages needed, either cupboards or shelves, toilet rolls, cleaning products, toiletries, and bath toys for your children. If your bathroom is spacious, you can also store clean towels and your hamper.

Even if your window is made of frosted glass, make sure you have a curtain or a blind with an opaque liner that complements your bathroom design and protects from being observed while bathing.

Flooring is also available in also sorts of materials and colors, avoid carpet which is not practical or hygienic. Cork slabs, linen or vinyl, etc. are the best bathroom design options: warm for underfoot and easy to clean. If the surface you choose is shiny like tile, always use a washable non-slip matt for added security. Also, put a non-slip surface in the bath and the shower. A range of flooring is usually on display in bathroom fitting service outlets.

When choosing your bathroom design, it is best to stick to a model that suits your lifestyle and home, and it may be wise to employ professional bathroom fitting services when completing bathroom installation.

Bathroom Installation: Things to Consider For Maximizing Return On Your Investment.


A good bathroom design should be creative and functional. However, it is best to start the process by creating a list of functional requirements, as there are many bathroom installation design solutions to help achieve the look you desire. For example, what do you need to store, which fitting do you use, how many people use the bathroom at the same time? If you still have the same problems after a new bathroom installation, there is no point in spending the money. So, think about the requirements of your project before moving on to your aesthetics and consult bathroom fitting services if you require help.


Once you have a checklist of your functional needs and some conceptual ideas, start planning your bathroom installation. The bathroom design should be well planned as there are many things in a relatively small footprint. Start with a quick overview of your available space and block it with the approximate size of each item in your checklist remembering to leave enough space around items for easy use. Bathroom fitting services have a great deal of expertise in the area so don’t be afraid to ask for advice.


Bathroom heating, ventilation, electricity, and lighting. These should well be documented in your bathroom plans especially if someone else is completing your bathroom installation. Some critical points bathroom fitting services will note are:

  • Natural and mechanical bathroom ventilation: Ideally, your bathroom design will benefit from natural and mechanical ventilation to prevent the accumulation of moisture. Use natural ventilation where possible to do so, but also make provision for mechanical ventilation within your bathroom design.
  • Underfloor bathroom heating and towel warmer: The cost of underfloor heating is now minimal and is a practical space-saving addition to your bathroom design. Heating towel rails are nowadays very popular but need professional electricians to install.
  • Natural and artificial bathroom lighting: Natural light is the best option to make the most of the bathroom design. The appearance of your bathroom and its practical use after dark both depend on the lighting used. Installing a skylight can maximize the natural light available but ensure that suitable artificial light is also fitted which is practical as well as enhancing the bathroom design.
  • Bathroom Energy points: Energy points if needed must adhere to the current building regulations to avoid serious injury, in any case, place as far away from water outlets as practicable.


For your project to take shape, it’s time to start choosing equipment and accessories, which is the fun part of the bathroom design. If you plan to invest in your bathroom installation, make sure that they meet the standards of a future buyer, a cheaper alternative may not be the best long-term investment for the resale value of your home. Make sure your tiles are high quality because they are the dominant visual element in your bathroom and will also serve as a water barrier, so they must be durable as well as complementing the bathroom design.


The last step is to collect all your information in the necessary documentation for the bathroom design. It defines how your bathroom installation works. The final project documentation must include:

  • Bathroom finishes, fixtures, electrical schedules: A description of the finishes, materials, accessories, and fittings that are used for the bathroom installation.
  • Bathroom Construction Drawings: Describes all construction work in scale 1:25 or 1:20 of your plan, all views, and cross-sections. Including lighting and power distribution, detail of the tiling layouts, and mosaic. All the essential aspects of bathroom design.
  • Bathroom building contract: If using bathroom fitting services always conclude a contract and request that your program and drawings be part of this. The agreement is vital if the dispute arises.


Bathroom installation is a significant investment but completed correctly can be a valued asset, complimentary bathroom design can enhance your home for many years to come. To ensure this, use a bathroom planning and design service, carefully consider the bathroom functional as well as the look, and invest in the high-quality materials where you can. Take advice from a professional bathroom fitting service specialist.